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What people are saying...

"The part that resonated with me the most was how real the conversation was. There was a lot of heavy and deep information to cover and it was refreshing that you faced it head on. The part that has stuck with me the most was how direct you were when talking about suicide. Since your session, I have had two serious conversations and I mimicked your questions about suicide almost exactly- thankfully it helped the person."  -Matthew

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"Thanks for everything you did for us this year. You, volunteering with our football team was very much appreciated. Personally, I think your involvement was the thing I was most proud of this year." -Bill, Youth Football Head Coach

"I really appreciate the knowledge and confidence you have given me. It has really helped me to navigate through some tough situations and have more appreciation for myself." -Student Chef

"The mental health seminar was very helpful for me with my work and personal life” -Restaurant Leader

"I learned a lot about mental health and the difference between health and illness" -Line Cook

"Your presentation was so well laid out that it was easy to follow along. I really appreciated the situational examples that you had us go through. It was good making us work as a team and think deeply about mental health in each situation." -Chef

"My manager has done a lot of thinking since he talked with you. He has never really thought about mental health before; he realizes now that he isn't healthy. He is making changes in his life to become healthier. He has been surprised at the support from other businesses and how much they are commending him for his changes. He really appreciates the influence you have had on him. Thank you for being brave enough to help us" -Chef 

"We saw a noticeable difference in the students you worked with within our department and a decrease in student absences. You provided a safe space for our students who were struggling in their personal and/or professional lives to talk through issues and assist them in receiving the help they needed while continuing with their studies." - College Program Leader

"I noticed my son is being kinder with his sister, since our coaching sessions with you. He is managing his anxiety by working to overcome fears and believing in himself. He really enjoys talking with you" -Parent

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