Club Innovation Conference

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Creating and Maintaining Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplaces

January 13 – 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET


Are you familiar with signs of toxic workplaces? Perhaps you have worked in an environment that negatively affected your wellbeing. In this session, we will cover signs of unhealthy cultures, how they can affect a person’s overall health and how leaders have a major role in creating and maintaining psychologically healthy and safe spaces where all employees can thrive.

Key Takeaways from this Session
  • Participants will be able to recognize signs of a toxic workplace.

  • Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how toxic workplace culture contributes to poor health, problems at work and the subsequent effects on business.

  • Leaders will recognize their role in shaping psychologically healthy and safe workspaces.

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Kelowna, British Columbia Event - September 14, 2020

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About this Event

Have you ever felt like you would let your team down if you shared that you were struggling? Do you tell yourself that recognizing your pain is admitting weakness? Hospitality staff often feel they have to put up a strong front to hold their team together. The nature of this work can be long hours, mentally draining, and lower wages makes it difficult to cover cost of living. Now with changes in industry due to COVID-19, businesses are operating with less resources than before, causing staff to do more with less.

In this session we will have a real, interactive discussion on what mental health is, what factors influence it, including the unique stressors service industry workers face. Everyone one of us has the right to work in safe and healthy environments where we are able to be our authentic selves and feel we are contributing, without fear of being ostracized or being seen as weak. Through discussions such as this, we are hoping to make a positive change in our industry; where individuals can maintain wellness and be empathetically supported by team members when they are not well.

Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of mental health, stronger awareness of effective helping skills and ways they can positively shape their work culture.

Listen at the 1 Hour 56 minute mark

Zoom Event - September 28, 2020

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About this Event

Tempers can flare up, stress can build, maybe you’re more afraid than ever to ask for help that you need, and the old habits you thought would change as we came back to our kitchens and offices didn’t; they got worse. We would like to help.
MilkCrate is partnering up with The Sage Sunflower for a free and open conversation about mental health in the hospitality industry and how it shows up in the workplace. On September 28th at 3pm MT Steven Brochu (MilkCrate) will host and moderate an online conversation with Karen Haugen from The Sage Sunflower. We will be addressing tough topics and giving insights into how toxic workplace culture affects wellness and the role we all have in making positive change.

This event is open to anyone. We have prepared questions around situations that occur in restaurants, and we encourage you to bring questions of your own. You can either ask them anonymously or directly. You have a chance to get a professional to give sage advice on what you are facing.